Monday, August 10, 2015

Water, not too much, not too little, at the right moments, for every sapling within my reach

The thought behind the birth of my creation “Rays and Rains”:

Very happy was the potter,
In her hands she held the soft clay.
She sat down in earnest,
to shape it into a pot within a day!
Later she left the wheel aside,
for it wasn’t really very soft, the clay,
She has begun shaping with her fingers,
and learning many truths along the way.
It’s quite tough, but she won’t give up and go away,
for she knows, with efforts, it will be a pot some day.
It may be perfect or maybe not,
“I enjoyed it and did my best”, one day
the potter would proudly say.

A little of a potter and a little of a gardener - that is how I feel about myself now. Whether it is my daughter, my son or any of my young counselees, every time I interact with each one of them, I know I'm touching a sapling. The sapling is growing. If I pour too much water over it, it could droop. If I pour only a little, it could get stunted. If I pour the right amount, but at the wrong time, that too would impact its growth.

I am a mother. And I am a counselor.

Every morning arrives with a golden opportunity for me to spray water, not too much, not too little, over each sapling within my reach, at the right moments.

The rest is in my book Rays and Rains (e-book available at a much lower price).
Rays and Rains

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