Monday, August 24, 2015

It began filling a home years back...

Have you found your child very hyperactive? Did you try exploring with your child what could keep him or her happily engaged as well as calm down over time? You better be prepared to be surprised to see how such an activity can help your child no longer be an annoyance to the teacher.

Here is a mom writing to her son about her experience when she began to explore and how she discovered some truths…

My dear son,
You may not be aware, but every day when the sun is down and you are back from your play-session, I cannot wait for you to settle down with your keyboard. If you are wondering why, it’s because evening-time is not only the time of your daily tryst with music, but also mine. You have been an active child right from your infant years, often loving to test my endurance limit by playing pranks and fidgeting around when the need is to focus and study. I have tried everything, from coaxing to explaining to admonishing, to make you sit a little longer with your books, but they have yielded only temporary results. It would have continued on this note, had it not been for my chance discovery of your love for music. Of course, the first credit goes to your Computers teacher who observed you and came up with the suggestion to involve you in a hobby activity that calms you down.

I can still recall how you sat still, interested and observant, as your music teacher gradually introduced you to the world of *“Saa-reh-gaa-maa” (equivalent of Do-re-me-fa) and how your eyes gleamed and your face shone with a newfound passion when your fingers set about mastering tune after tune every week. Well, to say I was surprised would be an understatement. I was clearly amazed at how music was playing its magic on you, moulding you, and changing you. Yes, changing you slowly. You just seemed to be transported to a new world where even small noises wouldn’t be distractions for you anymore. 

As your rendezvous with tunes continued, there was something I discovered about myself too - I too have a deep love for music and that it runs deep in me, maybe a little too deep for even me to be aware of it. If music calms you down, it soothes me. If music helps you kill boredom, it rejuvenates my tired mind. If music helps you get focused, it is something I can no longer do without. What is it that sowed this love for music in me? My schooldays rushed back to me as scenes of songs being played out from our school piano went flitting by before my eyes.

There was the song “Peace is flowing like a river…” that helped us unwind after grueling English lessons. Then there was “We shall overcome….” That charged us up and helped us put in our efforts for preparations when the exams came calling. “When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed….” let us know that life is not a bed of roses alone, there are thorns too and when the thorns prick, we can think of the roses that we had admired.

Love for songs, love for music had secretly grown in me decades back. Today, as the notes keep floating down to me from your room, I feel blessed – not only for these blissful evenings that you gift me with, but also because I’ve discovered my intense love for music.

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  1. Appu i loved each and every word of your blog. Its such a pleasure to read ur writeups. I spiring and enlightening helping to raise my son who is hyper t